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Digital Marketing, Analytics, and Website Performance Optimization

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From validating of the ideas to performance optimization.
We are data-driven technology agency for digital marketing, driven by the talent of our freelancers.
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    Traditional enterpreneurs starting out on the Internet.

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    Experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to enhance their business.

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    Startups which are working on their ideas.


We are your AdTech partner

Digital Marketing, Analytics & Conversion rate optimization using the best technologies and international know-how.
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Data-driven marketing
All our activities are based on analytics and the right measurement of online projects. Because data is the only source of truth.
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Google Marketing Platform
GMP tools ensure the successful running of online projects, from the execution and optimization of the communication campaign to managing the change process on the website. We are GMP specialist.
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Testing as the priority
Using data, we create and test hypotheses on the web as well as in advertising systems, because testing can only lead to better results.
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Complex team
Our team of freelancers is composed of specialists from various fields with an international experience.
You only pay for the work of the specialists

We don´t do the common practices of large agencies. Our clients projects have assigned only the best freelancers who perform valuable work. You do not see junior working at the hourly rate of seniors.


1st month


2nd month


Another months



In the first month we implement all the technologies that are important to your business. For example Google Tag Manager, a Google Analytics and other tools, such as Google Ads, Adform, DV360 conversion scripts, Hotjar, Google Optimize..


Using a trusted, high-quality implementation, we use implemented tools (Google Analytics, Hotjar, and others) to find troublesome processes and parts of the website. We create hypotheses and work on ideas how to improve, not only your website but also your product and user experience. With good data knowledge we are then oble to optimize campaigns and do better digital marketing. What you can measeure you can manage...


In the data, we have found the problems of your website and products. Then, using tools such as Google Optimize or VWO, we test hypotheses in practice and improve pre-defined KPIs, whether it is higher conversion rate or average order value, or engagement metrics like average time on page...

Decision based on the right technologies
Google Analytics
Google Marketing Platform
Google Ads
Google Tag Manager
Facebook Analytics
Google Optimize
Sales Automation
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